Industry News Digest: February 2024

  • by Ilona K.
Industry News Digest: February 2024

Table of contents

  1. Sora from Open AI, a new way to create videos
  2. Google's AI next-generation model
  3. ChatGPT adds a memory feature
  4. ‘My’, ‘New’ ad ‘AI’ lead the Afternic's keyword report
  5. Verisign announces .com domain wholesale price increase 

Welcome to our monthly Industry News Digest. Explore new online trends, platform features and domain industry news to stay up to date. Here’s a summary for February 2024.

Sora from Open AI, a new way to create videos

OpenAI has unveiled Sora, its new neural network capable of generating videos based on user text input. Sora can create videos that are up to one minute long while maintaining high visual quality and adhering to the user’s prompts.

Some queries that Sora can generate videos for include realistic scenes featuring people and animals, as well as fantasy scenarios such as mammoths roaming a snowy field or whales swimming through the air amidst buildings.

Currently, the model is accessible to information security experts for evaluating potential threats and risks, as well as to artists and designers for gathering feedback and enhancing the AI model.

Why should you care? Sora offers the capability to enhance the content on your website. With its assistance, you can generate videos to visually represent your content without the need to hire professionals or invest time. As a result, this can help you save on budget.

Source: OpenAI

Google’s AI next-generation model

Google’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra, designed for developers and Cloud customers, has been superseded by Gemini 1.5.

Gemini 1.5 with a better long-context understanding now processes up to 1 million tokens – the most of any large-scale foundation model. It features improved performance and efficiency, supported by Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) architecture.

Gemini Pro 1.5 can handle processing an hour of video, 11 hours of audio, 700 thousand words, or 30 thousand lines of code simultaneously. This is significantly more data than other artificial intelligence models, such as GPT-4 from OpenAI, can handle.

Why should you care? Gemini is an entire ecosystem, from products used by billions of people every day to APIs and platforms that help developers and businesses innovate.

With this AI, you can create more personalized copy and visual content for advertising campaigns as Gemini learns from the customer and business data you provide.

The updated Gemini 1.5 allows you to increase the volume and speed of creating content, which significantly improves the work.

We wrote about other handy Google tools in 5 Free Google Tools to Boost Website Performance.

Source: Google

ChatGPT adds a memory feature

OpenAI is testing a new ChatGPT memory feature designed to improve response quality and minimize repetition. It learns user preferences, styles, tones, and formats from previous conversations. The feature is being tested by a limited number of free and Plus users.

Memory is stored separately from chat histories, and users can choose what is remembered. Specific details can be selected to remember or forget, and memories can be deleted or disabled through the settings panel.

The memory feature can be used for summarizing meeting notes in a preferred format, brainstorming for a business, or creating personalized messages. 

Why should you care? If you’re using ChatGPT to ideate or create website content, the new feature will allow you to save preferences like tone of voice. Everything you create for your site will always be at hand, allowing you to return to past ideas and use them. However, beware that content provided to ChatGPT, including memories, could be used for training a data model (although all users have an opportunity to turn this off in Data Controls). Thus we do not recommend uploading confidential data into ChatGPT.

Source: Search Engine Journal 

‘My’, ‘New’ ad ‘AI’ lead the Afternic’s keyword report

GoDaddy’s Afternic (a domain marketplace) released its keyword report for December 2023

“New” jumped from 14th to 2nd place, while “my” maintained its #1 spot. AI-related keywords remain popular. Notably, 13 words that didn’t appear in the previous month made it to the top 20.

Here is the updated top 20 list with last month’s rankings:

  • my (1)
  • new (14)
  • ai (3)
  • best (new)
  • pro (16)
  • one (new)
  • home (5)
  • get (new)
  • bet (4)
  • all (18)
  • digital (new)
  • blue (new)
  • auto (new)
  • smart (new)
  • free (new)
  • house (new)
  • florida (new)
  • top (new)
  • sky (new)
  • real (new)

Why should you care? IT-related keywords such as ‘ai’ and ‘digital’ are still in the top 20. You can use them in domain hacks to attract more traffic to the site. For instance, you can use the extension and action keywords like ‘get’ together to create a domain hack ‘‘.

Also, it is important to pay attention to domain extensions that focus on similar topics as these keywords. The zone is suitable for such solutions.

Source: Domain Name Wire

Verisign announces .com domain wholesale price increase 

The wholesale price of some .com domains is to increase from $9.59 to $10.26 on September 1, 2024. 

This rise is in line with the permitted 7% increase in the last four years of their six-year contract. It should keep the price stable for the next few years unless the US government intervenes. 

Current .com domain owners can manage their costs by renewing for up to ten years in advance.

Despite a decline in domains under management, a previous 7% price increase and the newly announced hike contributed to Verisign’s 4.8% annual revenue increase to $1.49 billion in 2023.

Why should you care? If you own .com domains, now is the ideal time to renew them at the current price. If, for any reason, you are unable to renew your domains at the moment, set a reminder for yourself to do so before September 1st. Otherwise, the cost of renewal will be higher. And if you find the price for domains in the .com  zone becoming too steep, is a viable option to have your website on, while still capitalizing on a .com TLD.

Source: Domain Name Wire

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