We know you might have a few questions, so here are some of the frequently asked questions you may have regarding our service. 

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What kind of service do you provide?
Intis Telecom offers you the opportunity to register a domain in a new, third level zone; *.it.com. This domain zone can become an  alternative to the .com zone, where the price of an attractive domain name may amount to tens of millions of dollars. 
What is the price of a domain?
Domains cost 49 USD each. The price of renewal varies from 30 to 49 USD per year. This depends on the number of years you want to extend your domain registration for. We also have premium domain names. Their prices may be higher than for regular ones; this depends on market demand
How can I save some money when making  a purchase?
A customer gets discounts for long-term renewals. Also, having a large account turnover earns you a discount.
Can I register a domain name written in non-Latin characters?
Yes, we support IDN names, so you can pick up domains such as 中国.it.com or even i❤️.it.com
Where else can I acquire a *.it.com domain?
Intis Telecom is negotiating with leading global domain resellers. We expect them to be offering *.it.com domains for sale from the start of 2022.
Can I use my own DNS servers?
Yes, the client can use their own servers (eg hosting providers). In this case, the DNS zone editing must be done by the customer. 
Is it possible to use the registrar’s DNS server? Is there a DNS editor?
Yes, the it.com zone is supported by DNS servers. The infrastructure is provided by CloudFlare, a leader on the world telecommunications market. Our clients can use our handy DNS zone editor.
What company is the registrar?
The British company UK Intis Telecom LTD (www.intistele.com) serves as the registrar. The Intis Telecom group of companies has been on the market since 2010. It is a member of RIPE and the GSMA association of telecommunications operators.
What should be done if a domain in the *.it.com  zone violates my rights?
In this case please send your claim to [email protected]. Every message received will be considered by our legal team and will receive a reply.
In which situations  can a complaint be made about the use of a domain?
This may happen in the following situations:
  • Illegal misuse of trademarks in the domain name (such as google.it.com)
  • using domain names for spam and/or phishing attacks or for publishing illegal content,
What are your company's credentials, and what rules regulate your business activity?
The company operates on the basis of its inclusion in the British Registry of Companies
Do I have to provide  real contact details to register a domain name?
Yes. According to rules, the owner of a domain has to use their real details for the WHOIS registry. This makes it much easier to restore a domain if access to an account is lost, and also in the occurrence of any disputes.
The domain owner’s details have changed; how can I  update them? 
You can update the WHOIS contact details of the owner, administrator and technical support in the customer dashboard