Empowering Women Online

  • by Ilona K.
Empowering Women Online

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  1. For the women in IT
  2. For a female-first business
  3. For a blog (with a female touch)

At it.com Domains, we strive to empower women to succeed online. Discover a curated collection of 15 available domain names to start female-led communities and businesses, selected to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024. 

Globally, only 20% of startups have at least one female founder. Although female-founded and female-led companies are becoming more common every day, women founders are less likely to seek help when starting a new venture than their male counterparts.  While a recent study from Boston Consulting Group revealed that, for every dollar of investment raised, female-run startups generated 78 cents in revenue, in comparison to 31 cents generated by male-run ventures.

We at it.com Domains are committed to support women in launching and driving online businesses. From the International Women’s Alliance founded by our business development manager Natalija Japerte, to numerous projects launched by female founders using domain names in the .it.com zone, we empower women across the globe with an opportunity to start and maintain their ventures. 

Keen to join them and build your brand online? Here are a few affordable (and available) domain name ideas for a female-first project.

For the women in IT

There are about 3.7 million women in the US and 1.7 million women in Europe working in the tech industry. If you are one of them and would like to connect like-minded people across the globe on an online platform, check out some ideas below:

  • women-in.it.com
  • ladies.it.com
  • girs-in.it.com
  • female-founders.it.com
  • donne.it.com

Each of those domain names is great to start a community for women in IT online. The .it.com zone offers an opportunity to communicate your belonging to the IT industry and build a strong brand. 

Top tip: use “[keyword]-in.it.com” structure for a clever domain hack

For a female-first business

Inspired by Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’? Have an eye for trends and a wish to launch a business to follow your passion? Or just keen to turn your hobby into a viable business? it.com Domains got you covered with domain name ideas related to fashion and beauty – but the sky is your limit!

  • wear.it.com
  • girl-finds.it.com
  • trendy-girl.it.com
  • beautify.it.com
  • glam.it.com

Top tip: try different variations of “[verb].it.com” structure to find your perfect name – or use one of the handy AI tools for suggestions. 

Source: Unsplash

For a blog (with a female touch)

Finally, for a wordsmith in you, we have curated some ideas to run a blog or a journal to bring a stronger female perspective on a variety of subjects. 

  • inspiring-women.it.com
  • career-girl.it.com
  • moms-are.it.com
  • female-gaze.it.com
  • girl-who-writes.it.com

Top tip: try using Text.fx or similar tools to give your blog a creative name, evoking positive associations and communicating a female voice.

All 15 ideas listed above are available right now on it.com Domains and can make a great last-minute gift for yourself or the most important women in your life this International Women’s Day.

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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