Earth Day 2024: Domain Names With a Purpose

  • by Ilona K.
Earth Day 2024: Domain Names With a Purpose

Whether you run a company focusing on green technologies, or planning to launch a sustainability or environmental protection initiative, the annual Earth Day 2024 is a great time to drive awareness. Learn how to use a domain name to showcase your support for the cause with Domains.

Celebrated for the 54th consecutive year, Earth Day 2024 is a key global observation mobilizing people around the globe to protect the planet. If you have a business creating sustainable solutions, or you have a project or community in mind that can support the environmental protection initiatives, a relevant domain name is a perfect way to start.

How to pick a domain name for the cause

Here are three use cases for domain names on to drive sustainability efforts. 

  1. Create a business website

If your core business idea is related to solutions protecting our planet, you can choose a short and memorable domain name to communicate your core proposition. For example (availability and prices current at time of publication):

  1. Launch a campaign or initiative

If you already have a business website, but are planning to launch a sustainability campaign or initiative, we have a range of suitable domain names for its landing page:

  • (available, $49 per year);
  • (available, premium domain);
  • (available, $49 per year);
  • (available, $49 per year);
  • (available, $49 per year).
  1. Start a community

If you are keen to launch a community or an educational project for people who share the same values and actively engage in environmental protection initiatives, a more generic domain name clearly showcasing the purpose would be a good fit.

Whatever idea you have in mind, Domains can help you launch a website with a short and memorable domain name, as well as an added vote of confidence from a domain ending with .com.

Alternatively, there is an option to use new top-level domains (nTLD). A website in one of the notable domain extensions related to environmental protection, sustainability and biodiversity – for example, .earth, .bio, .eco, .green, and .organic – can be used to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability efforts and promote environmental literacy.

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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