5 AI Tools to Find a Great Domain Name

  • by Ilona K.
5 AI Tools to Find a Great Domain Name

Selecting a perfect domain name is always a challenge. Luckily, in the era of generative AI, there are multiple AI tools to find a domain name for your business.

Have you ever launched a new website for your project? Or perhaps you’re in the process of creating one right now? Whether you already have a company name, or doing your research before picking one, you must have come across the struggle to find just the right domain name – short, memorable and identifiable with your business. 

More often than not, the shortest domain names would not be available to register. For example, all 4-letter domain names in the .com TLD (top-level domains) are already registered. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get one – some of those would be available to purchase from domain investors. Alternatively, there are more options to reserve a desired name as a third-level domain from providers like it.com Domains. 

Whether you’re trying to register a new domain name, or to find one relevant for your business to buy, there is a chance you’ll get stuck in the ideation phase. Here’s where AI comes to rescue.

What is generative AI and how can it help?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), as defined by McKinsey & Co, is a term describing “algorithms (such as ChatGPT) that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos.” 

Since the niche boomed earlier this year, thousands of generative AI applications were created to tackle a variety of tasks – from copywriting and mocking up visuals to task automation and learning new skills. Basically, you can get some help from generative AI tools with nearly anything related to language processing. 

And domain name generation is no exception. For example, ChatGPT has recently collaborated with GoDaddy to generate domain name options based on prompts. Generative AI tools can be used both when you already have a company name, or when you first want to check available domain names and only then finalise naming your business. 

Quick tip: as it goes for any generative AI tool, the result you get is as good as a prompt you write. Regardless of the service you use, be as specific as possible in your prompt:

  • Describe your business in detail, including a specific product you’re building, industry, and your core values;
  • Request to include a keyword (or a company name as a keyword);
  • Specify the maximum length of the domain name;
  • Where applicable – specify TLD’s (top-level domains like .com or .net) you wish your domain name to be registered in.

Some services offer advanced search options – do not ignore them and populate as many fields as possible to get the most relevant result. 

Now, before you start browsing through lengthy catalogues of available domain names trying to find one matching your business, or do any old-school brainstorming on a flipchart, try one of five free AI tools to find your perfect domain name.

1. DomainsGPT

The name speaks for itself. DomainsGPT is an AI-powered domain name generator that helps companies create brandable domain names using a GPT large language model.

DomainsGPT homepage

The process is quick and involves 3 steps:

  • Selecting a type of domain name (brandable, portmanteau, word combinations, non-English words, and misspellings);
  • Describing the business and the product being built;
  • Defining some key requirements such as domain length, words to include and desired TLD. At this point, you can include your company name as a keyword. 

Let’s say we don’t have a company name yet and go with a generic search. When asked to find a 7-12 characters long domain name for a subscription-based flower delivery service in .com TLD, the service offered five options below. 

Names suggested by DomainsGPT

DomainsGPT allows users to see the availability and price of suggested names with six popular registrars. The platform offers 10 free credits a day and a few paid options beyond that limit. 

2. AI Domain Genius

Another tool to cut the time and effort to find a perfect domain name, AI Domain Genius is an intuitive platform with multiple advanced search options – max domain name length, keywords, TLD and domain name registrar (a company that manages the reservation of Internet domain names). 

AI Domains Genius homepage

It allows picking a style of generated name – for example, a descriptive one or a metaphor. Similar to DomainsGPT, this service offers a preview of price and allows purchasing single or multiple domains from popular registrars.

Names suggested by AI Domain Genius

Interestingly, it seems to provide some options different to the ones offered by DomainsGPT, but unlike that one, it cannot show multiple TLDs together. AI Domain Genius is free and doesn’t offer paid plans.

3. Brandsnap

Brandsnap is an AI-driven discovery tool that helps generate domain names and social media handles for brands. Once you specify your brand’s preferences such as theme, keywords and industry, the service generates a list of available domain names and social media handles that best match those criteria.

 Brandsnap homepage

The key difference from the previous two is that Brandsnap allows checking not only domain names, but also social media handles and trademarks – something you definitely might consider when launching a new business as those go hand in hand. It also scores the options by a few criteria such as length, readability and recall index to help users make an informed decision. 

Names suggested by BrandSnap

However, the tool is only integrated with one domain registrar which limits the potential searches. Brandsnap is free to use and doesn’t offer paid functions. 

4. Looka

Originally an AI-powered brand identity platform to create logos and brand identity, Looka creators now offer a business name generator, integrated with searching for domain names.

 Looka Business Name Generator homepage

Per user’s request, it generates multiple business name ideas, split into traditional, invented, compound, multi-word, and real word names. For each name generated, you can see the search volume (an important feature for search engine optimization of your website), availability across different TLD’s and social media handles availability.

Example of name suggested by Looka

The only notable drawback of the service is that it doesn’t display the price of the domains to enable better comparison and choice. Looka Business Name Generator is free to use and doesn’t offer paid functions. 

5. AI.it.com

Our own AI tool, sitting – of course – on AI.it.com, allows generating domain names for the third-level domains ending with it.com. 

AI.it.com homepage

A few interactive steps include specifying your company name (if any), picking the industry, the country the business is operating, a prompt to generate a domain name, as well as a few styling suggestions before generating a handful of domain names.

Example of AI.it.com prompt fields

Compared to the previous services, it is more interactive and allows users to find names ending with it.com. Just like the other four, the tool is free to use and doesn’t offer paid functions. 

Are you looking for more handy tools to power digital success? Visit it.com Domains’ blog and connect with us on social media.

Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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