5 Tips to Launch Your Website with Confidence: Filip Borcov, Site.pro

  • by Ilona K.
5 Tips to Launch Your Website with Confidence: Filip Borcov, Site.pro

Table of contents

  1. Start Simple: The Power of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  2. Collaboration is Key: Building a Website as a Team
  3. The All-in-One Advantage: Bundle Up for Success
  4. Leverage Educational Resources: Lean On
  5. Embrace New Trends: The Future of Website Building is Here

Launching a business website is a daunting task for any entrepreneur. Ahead of the Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day observed on June 27th, Filip Borcov, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Site.pro website builder, shares 5 tips on launching your website with confidence. 

Domain names, web development, hosting… Creating a website for your business can feel like an extremely challenging task – especially if you are new to the industry lingo. Website builders – and we’ve discussed their pros & cons and ways to use them in great detail – can help simplify a part of this process.

Striving to help businesses succeed online, we have asked Filip Borcov, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Site.pro website builder, to share some tips to launch your website with confidence from the first try.

Start Simple: The Power of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

You might have grand visions of a website with all the bells and whistles – animation, interactive features, etc. But when you’re starting out, it’s best to prioritize establishing a web presence. This is where the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) comes in.

Think of an MVP as a basic version of your website that showcases the most essential information about your business. This could include a one-pager website with:

  • Your company name and logo.
  • A clear description of the products or services you offer.
  • Contact information, including phone number, email address, and physical address.
  • Links to your social media profiles.

Many website builders offer user-friendly templates that allow you to create a simple yet professional-looking MVP. Don’t be intimidated by fancy design options – focus on getting the core information out there first and add more functionality as your business grows

Creating an MVP lets you experience the value of having a website firsthand. You can start attracting new customers, showcasing your brand, and establishing credibility online. 

For example, in partnership with the International Women’s Alliance, Site.pro provides female entrepreneurs an option to take their venture online in no time and grow from there.

Source: International Women’s Alliance

Collaboration is Key: Building a Website as a Team

In today’s world, many businesses are small but mighty, relying on the combined talents of a few key individuals. Perhaps you have a partner who handles the design aspect, while you focus on crafting the website content. This is where team collaboration becomes a game-changer. Imagine a scenario where:

  • The designer can work on the visual elements (colors, fonts, layouts) in real-time.
  • You can simultaneously add text content to the corresponding sections, ensuring everything aligns seamlessly.

This collaborative editing allows for efficient website development and streamlines communication between team members. No more emailing drafts back and forth or waiting for one person to finish before the other can start!

Source: Unsplash

The All-in-One Advantage: Bundle Up for Success

Imagine this: You’ve decided to take your business online, but where do you begin? Do you need to find separate providers for your domain name (your website’s address), website builder (the tool you use to create the website), hosting (the service that keeps your website live online), and even email addresses for communicating with customers and partners? 

If you’re not a fan of juggling ten balls at once, here is where the concept of bundled website building packages comes handy. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your website needs. These packages typically include domain registration, website builder access, hosting, and email addresses. Here’s why this is a fantastic option for new business owners:

  • Simplicity: No more hunting down different providers and managing multiple accounts. Everything is bundled together, making it a breeze to set up and manage your website.
  • Cost Savings: Bundled packages often offer discounts compared to purchasing each service separately. It’s like buying a value meal at a restaurant – you get more for your money!
  • Streamlined Management: Renewals, updates, and troubleshooting become a lot less stressful. With everything under one roof, you can focus on running your business instead of wrangling various service providers.

Take inspiration from the innovative approach of Site.pro offering a comprehensive package with domain name, website builder and hosting in one, who understand that a user-friendly experience is key. In partnership with it.com Domains, we are offering a website builder with every .it.com domain name purchased on our platform to get you off the ground.

Source: Site.pro

Leverage Educational Resources: Lean On

If you are new to the whole website launching game, lean on a wealth of educational resources to help you navigate the process. These resources can take many forms:

  • Tutorials: Step-by-step guides that walk you through the process of choosing a domain name, building your website with templates, and adding content.
  • FAQs: Answers to frequently asked questions about website building, domain names, and common technical issues.
  • Blog Posts: Articles with helpful tips and tricks for creating a successful website, from design elements to SEO best practices.
  • Customer Support: Don’t be afraid to reach out to the website builder’s customer support team if you get stuck. Many platforms offer live chat, email support, or even phone support to answer your questions and guide you through any challenges.

Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help! These resources are there to empower you and ensure a smooth website creation experience.

Source: Site.pro

The world of website building is constantly evolving, and new features are emerging all the time. Here are a couple of exciting trends to keep an eye on:

  • AI-powered Content Generation: Struggling to write captivating website copy? There are generative AI tools to help, and some website builders are starting to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can help you generate content ideas or even write entire sections of your website for you. Think of it as a brainstorming partner or a helpful assistant who can overcome writer’s block.
  • Website Cloning Tools: See a website you love and want to create something similar for your own business? Website cloning tools allow you to take inspiration from existing websites and replicate their layouts and functionalities. This can be a great time-saver, especially if you’re new to design or don’t have a clear vision for your website layout yet.

By keeping an eye on these trends and embracing new features, you can ensure your website stays modern and continues to attract visitors.

Remember, building your website doesn’t have to be scary. By leveraging the power of all-in-one website building packages, starting with a simple MVP, utilizing educational resources, collaborating effectively with your team, and embracing new trends, you can overcome the initial hurdle and get your online presence established in no time. 

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