How to Use a Website Builder: 6 Easy Steps

  • by Ilona K.
How to Use a Website Builder: 6 Easy Steps

If our article got you inspired to create a design using a website builder, we are here to take you through the process step-by-step. Learn how to use website builders with Domains. 

Let’s say we want to create a twenty-page online store. There are dozens of website builders fit for purpose – for example,, Wix, Zyro, etc. They differ in price, functionality and the range of templates available to suit any budget and requirements.

For this exercise, we’ve picked Pagecloud – a basic website builder offering free service for one-page websites, or pricing plans starting from $20 a month for the small websites of up to 100 pages with no Pagecloud branding. 

6 steps to create a website

  1. Go to the website builder and select the pricing plan that fits your requirements. Check the payment options; annual subscriptions might be cheaper or offer incentives, such as a complimentary domain in this particular case. Proceed with the registration process.
For the purpose of building a 20-page website, a Launch plan on Pagecloud seems sufficient.
We’ve picked ‘Advanced’ .
  1. Choose the type of website that matches your needs. Select carefully, as each template offers functionality best suited for a specific business purpose.
As we intend to create a store website, select the ‘e-commerce’ option.
  1. Select a template in line with your preferences. For inspiration, explore some modern design trends in our article
Website builders typically offer a variety of templates to choose from.
  1. Now you’ve landed on the builder itself. Using the menu on the left, add your company details, such as the brand name, logo, and corporate colors. You can add images provided by the designer or upload the ones you found or created with a range of curated tools
  2. Add copy and other content – you can get help from some handy tools here as well. When adding content and visuals to the website, ensure it complies with copyright regulations. Avoid using any materials that may violate intellectual property rights.
The builder also offers options for customizing the website’s design for both desktop and mobile views. 

Congratulations – your new website is ready to go live!

If you don’t find enough individuality in the pre-made templates for builders, you can always create your own design. To do this, you can reach out to a web designer who will craft a corporate identity and logo for you, as well as select the colors and visuals for your site.

This collaboration between a designer’s work and a builder’s capabilities has become quite popular lately. It requires a smaller budget compared to developing a website from scratch, yet you’ll end up with a unique website that has a thoughtful design and interface.

Now you can start choosing a domain for your website. You can read in the blog how to choose a domain name that will attract attention, be easy to remember and reflect your brand, and on our website you can immediately choose the appropriate domain for you.

Need some inspiration for your site? Explore a selection of the top 20 websites designed with the builder, as showcased by Colorib, a catalog of website builder themes, to spark your creativity. 

Upstate Laundromat, built with Squarespace
KC Events, built with Wix
Banyak Surf Adventure, built with Webflow

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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