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  • by Ilona K. Domains at We Make Future in Bologna

On June 13-15 2024, the Domains team joined WMF in Bologna, Italy. Natalija Japerte, Business Development Manager and IWA’s CEO, Alessandro Baruffi, Director of International Partnerships, and Polina Druzhkova, Communications Lead, represented the company at the event.

WMF (We Make Future) is an international exhibition for artificial intelligence, technology and digital innovation. The event represents an accelerator of culture, education, and innovation that operates as a tool in service of society, connecting Italy and the world.

For three days, the Domains team plunged into the atmosphere of advanced technologies, AI and other innovations that were presented at WMF. Participants from more than 90 countries representing about 3,000 startups took part in exhibitions, educational events and B2B meetings, establishing new connections and strengthening old ones. 

Together with our partners Cristiano Carriero (Co-founder, La Content | Head of Influencer Marketing, Ad Mirabilia), Jan Mráz (Co-founder, Atheros Learning | Design Lead, cuid), and Alberto Gelsomino (CMO,, we presented a masterclass entitled “The Power of Story: Building Remarkable Brands in the Digital Landscape”. Cristiano shared his experience in the art of storytelling, Jan showed us how to bring narratives to life through visuals, and Alberto talked about the importance of websites in brand communication to show how to create great brands that stand out online.

At the event, we continued supporting an important cause of establishing gender diversity in Italian business. The partnership between WMF – We Make Future, Domains and Hosting Solutions, has been joined by Flazio, a leading Italian AI website builder, to support female-led startups in growing locally and globally. Our joint program offers a comprehensive package and consultancy to help them establish a strong online presence and reach international audiences.

As part of the program, partners have awarded the Italian startup HER for their exceptional contributions to sustainable innovation with the development of a new website for the global expansion plus an domain and hosting. 

For Domains, Italy is a focus market, so participating in WMF is crucial for us. It allows our company to strengthen local business connections and gain valuable feedback from Italian entrepreneurs. This feedback helps us understand the type of support they require. We want to listen and hear them.

We are committed to supporting Italian female entrepreneurs and businesses in general. We prioritize sustainability, impact, and supporting the local ecosystem.

We strive to engage with businesses at various levels, and we are extremely grateful to the organizers of WMF for providing us with a fantastic opportunity to implement a wide range of initiatives and foster diverse forms of cooperation,

said Polina Druzhkova.

The Domains team prepared an exciting project for all WMF guests. At our stand and on the website, everyone could use the Dream Generator to visualize their dreams. Guests shared their dream and selected one of the styles – cyberpunk, cartoon, or pop art – and the AI created a stunning visualization. The result is a collection of dreams that is sure to leave you in awe.

Guests of our stand who shared their dream had the opportunity to print it on a Polaroid photo. As a gift, they also received bright and unusual shopping bags with our company logo.

WMF 2024 was an amazing three-day event for the entire Domains team. We were thrilled with how well the event promoted our brand. Our stand and shoppers with the company’s identity were popular among We Make Future visitors.

The masterclasses we hosted were also a big success. Three excellent speakers kept the audience engaged and filled the hall to capacity.

Of course, the moment when we announced the winner of the female startup competition from the main stage of WMF 2024 was a highlight. It showed the importance of the event and emphasized our company’s commitment to supporting women in entrepreneurship. Domains is not just about creating a valuable product; we also want to make a difference by helping women succeed in business,

shared Natalija Japerte.

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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