Domains at Mobile World Congress 2024

  • by Ilona K. Domains at Mobile World Congress 2024

On February 26–29, 2024, Domains joined the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Our CEO Andrey Insarov, as well as our Business Development Managers Rolandas Japertas and Natalija Japerte represented the company at the event.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the flagship mobile and technology industry connectivity event in the world, hosted by GSMA in Barcelona, Spain, 2024. One of the most influential events in the industry, it has been running for more than 33 years and attracts around 100 thousand people each year.

This year’s spotlight was on the future of networks, and the growing trend of generative AI, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing and other hot tech topics. Technology giants like Google, Lenovo and Xiaomi demonstrated some exciting product and feature launches at MWC 2024, focusing on AI advancements, robotics and innovative mobile technologies.

As expected, MWC 2024 has attracted some prominent keynote speakers, including Julie Sweet, CEO & Chair at Accenture, Michael Dell, CEO and Chairman at Dell, Brad Smith, Vice-Chair and President at Microsoft, as well as other esteemed leaders in the mobile, telecom and internet industry. Andrey Insarov, CEO at Domains, has led the team’s participation in the event.

We believe that every member of the IT community makes a difference. This year at MWC 2024, we’re celebrating their contribution to the positive impact technology has on our lives. Supporting the community and acknowledging its achievements is and always will be one of the main goals for Domains,

said Andrey Insarov.

At our beautifully decorated booth, MWC 2024 visitors had a chance not only to get familiar with our domain offerings, but to leave their mark on the global tech community. 



An exciting project by Domains, designed exclusively for MWC 2024, celebrates the IT industry and all those who play a part in it. We’ve come together to create a digital artwork that visually represents the growth and connections within the community. 

All visitors to our booth had an opportunity to get their name converted into binary code, which in turn will be added to that digital artwork. Didn’t make it to Barcelona this year? No worries – you can still join hundreds of people and become a part of our project at

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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