Domains at ICANN Policy Forum in Kigali

  • by Ilona K. Domains at ICANN Policy Forum in Kigali

On June 10-13 2024, the Domains team joined ICANN Policy Forum in Kigali, Rwanda. Tess Diaz, Director of Channel Partnerships, Joe Alagna, Director of Sales, and Sergey Gorbunov, Director of Registry Services, represented the company at the event. This forum is dedicated to policy, advice, and technical work. 

This year, participants discussed ICANN’s New gTLD Program and the next application round, and how ICANN and the wider internet community can effectively participate in UN processes related to internet governance. 

ICANN80 was remarkable: witnessing the determination and action for a collaborative, inclusive internet with true equity was inspiring. With the new round of gTLDs fast approaching, Domains is investing close attention on these opportunities,

shared Tess Diaz.

The event focused on approaches to Internet governance such as traditional multi-stakeholder and multilateral models, where governments play a significant role in decision-making. The main discussion centered on ICANN’s model, which includes cooperation with national governments, an increased role for the GAC (Global Advisory Committee), and enhanced collaboration with international organizations.

ICANN meetings always present a great opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues and get updates on domain policy development processes. It has been very productive for us as we discussed expanding partnerships with registrars already selling domains and provided information to those considering onboarding the string. We’ve also attended sessions about the New gTLD Program. These insights will help us in shaping our strategy for the next application round for top-level domain extensions planned for 2026,

said Sergey Gorbunov.

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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