Domains at Baltic Domain Days and EuroDIG in Vilnius

  • by Ilona K. Domains at Baltic Domain Days and EuroDIG in Vilnius

On June 17-19 2024, the Domains team joined Baltic Domain Days in Vilnius, Lithuania. Rolandas Japertas, Business Development Manager, represented the company at the event.

Baltic Domain Days was launched in 2018 and has become a platform for registries, registrars, hosting providers, developers, cybersecurity experts, entrepreneurs, marketers, researchers, and other interested parties to gather and discuss the latest trends in the domain market.

This year’s event centered on various topics related to domains including discussions of domain use, including internationalized domain names, DNS abuse and its role in content blocking, the implementation of DNSSEC, new EU rules affecting the domain industry, disputes between domain and intellectual property rights holders, and other issues within the domain market.

Rolandas Japertas, Business Development Manager at Domains, with Tomas Mackus, Laura Subaciene (both to Rolandas’ left) and the Domreg team (company that owns .LT extension).

In 2024, the Baltic Domain Days were held in conjunction with the EuroDIG conference, which is an annual regional sub-forum of the Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The EuroDIG brings together participants from various sectors, including the private sector, government, academia, and the technical community.

The goal of the event is to engage all stakeholder groups and foster inclusive discussions on internet governance. By promoting collaboration, the forum aims to solve problems and identify best practices in this field.

The EuroDIG conference explored a wide range of topics related to digital inclusion, security, internet governance, and the impact of emerging technologies.

Key topics included discussions about the European Accessibility Act (EAA is a set of accessibility laws that applies to websites and applications owned by organizations in both the public and private sectors. It establishes general accessibility standards for products and services), enhancing DNS security, and understanding the consequences of the NIS2 Directive on measures to ensure a high level of cybersecurity in the EU.

The conference program mainly centered on European policies and strategies in areas such as artificial intelligence, improving cybersecurity, protecting children online, and ensuring internet access in rural areas.

This year, the main focus of the Domains is on expanding partnerships. Therefore, our goal at this event is to strengthen existing networks and establish new ones.

The Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian domain markets are not as large-scale, so there is a particularly strong atmosphere of cooperation and partnership here, which is very close to us. Over the course of these days, we’ve had many meetings dedicated to building contacts and discussing internet security and the domain market.

We are committed to this work by actively participating in all key initiatives of ICANN related to security issues. Additionally, we closely monitor the security and integrity of domains in our domain extension,

said Rolandas Japertas.

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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