Industry News Digest: January 2024

  • by Ilona K.
Industry News Digest: January 2024

Table of contents

  1. Google introduces new search features
  2. Gen Z prefers TikTok for searching
  3. Google Updates SEO Starter Guide
  4. ICANN’s New Grant Program
  5. Domain Upgrade Results in 10x Revenue for a Travel Website

Welcome to our monthly Industry News Digest. Explore new online trends, platform features and domain industry news to stay up to date. Here’s a summary for January 2024.

Google introduces new search features

Google has made searches even more intuitive; at the beginning of 2024, the company introduced Circle to Search and AI-powered Multisearch.

Circle to Search lets users search for anything on an Android screen without changing apps. Google says you just need to select images, text, or videos to get information instantly. 

The company’s AI advances have created the Multisearch function for simpler exploration. Now, with new Google developments, users can ask complex questions and find key information quickly.

For example, if you find an unfamiliar board game, you can take a picture of it and, on request, receive an AI-powered summary of relevant information from the web.

Why should you care? Rapid advancements in Google search evolution require brands to take new approaches to SEO and website content creation. Learn how to rank on Google in the generative AI era. 

Source: Google blog

Gen Z prefers TikTok for searching

Adobe’s study has found that consumers are increasingly using TikTok as a search engine for information such as recipes and music. Surveys of over 800 consumers and 250 businesses reveal how TikTok is changing search behavior and marketing strategies. 

40% of consumers, primarily younger generations, use TikTok for searches. Gen Z and millennials utilize it more for finding recipes, music, DIY ideas, and fashion. Furthermore, 10% of Gen Z users prefer TikTok over Google for information.

Source: Leisure Opportunities 

TikTok’s appeal lies in its personalized and short videos. 40% of Gen Z users appreciate the platform’s tailored content, and 62% of TikTok users prefer video tutorials, relying on it as a source of knowledge.

Businesses are leveraging TikTok for marketing, with over half promoting their companies on the platform and often collaborating with influencers. They typically allocate 15% of their marketing budget to TikTok content, focusing on creative product reviews, and instructional videos. Despite challenges, over half plan to increase their TikTok marketing investment.

Why should you care? TikTok is opening up new ways to share expert content and increase brand awareness, changing the way people search for information. Useful content such as how-to’s, ‘ideas for…’, etc. can boost awareness of your brand on this fast-growing platform.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Updates SEO Starter Guide

Google’s Search Relations team provided updates to Google’s SEO Starter Guide. Despite its 91% user satisfaction rating, they believe the guide needs updating outdated advice. Key changes include:

  • HTML Structure: Proper use of HTML elements can aid rankings but doesn’t significantly affect them.
  • Domain Names: They recommended choosing memorable branding over keyword inclusion in domain names, reflecting a brand-centric trend in SEO strategies.
  • Meta Tags: They leaned towards excluding meta keywords from the guide as they have minimal influence on Google Search rankings and might confuse site owners.

The guide aims to correct SEO misconceptions, like the belief that using Google products improves rankings. The team aims to modernize the guide, debunk SEO myths, and offer practical advice for both beginners and professionals.

Why should you care? Google’s SEO Starter Guide provides comprehensive details about the nuances that can help improve your site’s ranking within their system. The latest update highlights areas to focus on and those that are less essential.

Source: Search Engine Journal

ICANN’s New Grant Program

ICANN has launched a $10 million Grant Program for non-profit projects. Applications for grants ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 will be accepted from March 25 to May 24th, 2024, with funds distributed early next year. 

This initiative is part of a program with a total of $217 million available, raised from auctioning new gTLD registry contracts. 

Registered charities supporting ICANN’s mission in internet development and capacity building are eligible to apply. Applications will be evaluated by ICANN staff, a panel of experts, and the ICANN board.

Why should you care? The ICANN Grant Program presents a valuable chance for qualified organizations worldwide to seek funding for projects that reflect ICANN’s mission, which is to help ensure a stable, secure, and unified global Internet. Charitable organizations that Support ICANN’s compliance with relevant U.S. laws, rules, and regulations can apply for the grant. ICANN has published detailed information about who and how can apply in the Applicant Guide.

The organization states that the program will transform the Internet ecosystem and create a positive impact on people globally by supporting inventive and innovative solutions that further ICANN’s vision of a unified, open, and globally interoperable Internet.

Source: ICANN

Domain Upgrade Results in 10x Revenue for a Travel Website

Entrepreneur Jim Campbell, founder of a honeymoon travel service ‘Honeymoons’, shared his success story on based on a domain update which proves the value of investment in a strong, recognizable domain name.

He upgraded his website’s domain name from to New domain cost him a six-figure sum. This upgrade enhanced his site’s promotion, resulting in a sevenfold increase in traffic and a tenfold increase in revenue. This breakthrough in performance might have occurred because the new domain reflects the company name, is shorter than the previous one and is easy to remember.

The domain also attracted high-level experts for collaboration, improving the website’s efficiency. Campbell concluded that a good domain is crucial for business growth and requires strategic planning.

Why should you care? The domain name plays a key role in website promotion. You should pay attention to your domain choice because, as we saw from Jim Campbell’s story, it can significantly increase your company’s revenue and awareness. Head to the Domains website to discover premium domain names that are memorable, capable of capturing the attention of potential clients, and available at competitive prices. 


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