Companies Unite to Empower Italian Female Entrepreneurs Excel Globally

  • by Ilona K.
Companies Unite to Empower Italian Female Entrepreneurs Excel Globally

The Domains, WMF – We Make Future and Hosting Solutions welcomed Flazio, leading Italian AI website builder, to join the partnership that was announced last year. Together partners will continue to provide Italian female-led startups with the needed resources and expertise to grow locally and to successfully set up their presence on the global market. 

Studies show that women possess valuable leadership qualities, such as strong communication skills, mentorship abilities, and a focus on community impact. However, currently only 22.18% of Italian companies are led by women. By supporting these innovators, the initiative aims to boost the local economy and promote Italian talent globally.

The program provides female-led startups with a comprehensive web package and consultancy. This empowers them to establish a strong online presence and reach international audiences effectively. The domain also highlights their Italian origin while ensuring global discoverability.

This year, together at WMF – We Make Future, International Trade Fair and Festival on Innovation: Digital, AI and Tech, in Bologna partners have awarded the Italian startup HER for their exceptional contributions to sustainable innovation with the development of a new website for the global expansion plus an domain and hosting. HER is a sustainable startup that designs and manufactures eco-friendly fashion accessories from recycled materials, promoting a circular economy and empowering women artisans. The award recognizes HER’s efforts in empowering women and their potential to succeed in the global market.

“The world needs more sustainable, inclusive, and regenerative innovation. Initiatives that provide mentorship and resources to help Italian female entrepreneurs successfully navigate the challenges of operating globally are incredibly important. Having that supporting ecosystem to draw upon is absolutely vital for ensuring these businesses can excel on the world stage. We’re grateful to the initiatives paving the way for companies like ours to make a real difference for both people and planet,” said Selen Tavtin, CEO and Founder of HER.

“We are thrilled to join this initiative and support the growth of female entrepreneurship in Italy,” said Flavio Fazio, CEO of Flazio. “By providing cutting-edge AI technology and partnering with Domains, WMF – We Make Future, and Hosting Solutions, we are committed to helping local female-led startups reach their full potential on the global stage.”

“We are excited to keep supporting intelligent innovations and recognizing the immense talent demonstrated by female entrepreneurs in Italy, contributing to equal opportunity and accessibility,” said Natalija Japerte, Business Development Manager at Domains.

“Every year, we witness the level of excellence displayed by female Italian startups, and we are thrilled to partner with Domains, Flazio and Hosting Solutions to provide even more exposure and valuable assistance in bringing these businesses onto the global stage,” said Vito Esposito, Head of Global Partnerships at WMF – We Make Future.

“We see incredible potential in this partnership and are excited to support the web presence of female-led startups in Italy. We believe that this collaboration will help the businesses reach global audiences and unlock new opportunities for growth,” said Alessio Fanfano, Head of Marketing & Sales at Hosting Solutions.

Last year the partnership also kickstarted the founding of International Women’s Alliance (IWA) – an organization aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs to succeed online, equipping them with connections and tools to thrive in business and build a personal brand.

Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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