APTLD in Goa 2024

  • by Ilona K.
APTLD in Goa 2024

On February 19–23, 2024, it.com Domains joined the 85th APTLD Members Meeting in Goa, India. Munir Badr, our advisor, represented the company at the event.

More than 120 APTLD (Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) members, including it.com Domains, gathered for this year’s annual meeting to discuss changes and prospects for the domain industry. Munir Badr, our advisor, met decision-makers and board members from across the industry to exchange the latest business and policy ideas related to running a domain name zone.

On the first day of the event, he was a speaker and shared his personal experience and that of it.com Domains regarding premium ccTLD (country-code Top-level domains).

Events like APTLD provide a valuable platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas and strategies related to domain management, further advancing the development of the industry. We were pleased to explore the importance of premium domain names for businesses in terms of generating revenue for registries and offering unique access to highly desirable domains,

said Munir.

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Ilona K.
Ilona K.
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