Intis Telecom is an international telecoms company that specialises in Business Messaging via the cloud, utilizing digital channels such as SMS, Viber and WhatsApp to deliver clients’ content rapidly and accurately globally. Intis is truly international having offices in the UK, US and Hong Kong, with representation also across Germany and Israel. In 2020 we launched Cli.co - our link shortening service with extended free functionality that was showcased at Mobile World Congress.

IT.COM is the project that we know will open the door to a world of opportunities for customers both old and new, delivering up a practically unlimited set of meaningful domain names that can truly boosts the brand presence of those who invest in them. For more information, please do visit the website and social network pages of Intis Telecom!

On May 16th 2022, SIA INTIS TELECOM applied for support to help "increase international competitiveness",  from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (application no. SKV-L-2022/200). This initiative is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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