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Be among the first to start selling domains in our unique IT.COM domain names. Our Suggested Retail Price is $49.00 per year. Wholesale prices are offered to accredited Registrars.

As a retailer of IT.COM domain names, you will be able to participate in one of the most exciting new domain name launches right now.

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Regular IT.COM domains

We sell regular domains at a standard price of US$49.00 A $25 wholesale price for each regular name gives you an opportunity to earn up to $25.00 per year. Earnings can be significantly larger than what you get from selling domains in other TLDs.

Regular IT.COM domains

Premium IT.COM domains

Earn an excellent profit on premium domain names. Thousands of premium domain names are available for customers.

Premium IT.COM domains

Sell now, the rest can wait

No mandatory deposit required. Enjoy our post-paid billing model, with up to 60 days of delay before payment

Sell now, the rest can wait

Technical features

Full EPP support

(RFC 5731, 5732, 5733, 5734, 8748) for both regular and premium domains.

WHMCS integration

Ready to use for both regular and premium names.

Friendly assistance

Setting up your integration from our 24/7 support team, and the highly skilled IT team.

General advantages

Huge growth opportunities

With a vast amount of available domain names.

Cloudflare partner

Our domain zone provides global outreach and outstandingly low DNS zone delays.

Provided by UK Intis Telecom LTD

Proud member of RIPE and GSMA, with a wide experience in delivering various IT and Telecom services and products.