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It’s easy to earn when you’re selling domains that might be interesting for people who suffer from scarce of good .COM domain names

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We offer you up to 50% of initial purchase and rebill payments for two years for all customers that you bring with your referral link. How to get it? Just apply for a regular account and find Affiliate tab in the menu

How does it work?

Grab your unique link and publish it wherever you can to bring prospective customers that might be interested in our domains. After someone clicks the link with your ref ID and applies for GET.IT.COM account, he or she is automatically tagged as your referral. From that moment, you receive a commission on all their account payments for three years!

What commission will I receive?

The rate depends on the monthly turnover of your referral's accounts,. If your referral's turnover decreases, your status may be adjusted accordingly, however you will always have a bronze status with the minimum commission of 30%


After registration, all users have a bronze status, which let you receive 30% of the total turnover of all of your referrals.


As soon as you earn $5.000, you will start receiving 40% of the total turnover of your referrals for the next 12 months.


After you reach $10.000 threshold of your earnings, your commission will increase up to 50% for the next year.

How can I withdraw funds?


Commission – 5%; minimum amount – $70; instant transfer

Bank Account

Commission – $15, no minimum amount; transfer takes 1-5 working days


Commission $15, no minimum amount; transfer takes 1-5 working days

To Your Account

No commission, no minimum amount, instant transfer

Our advantages

We guarantee to pay you a fixed percentage commission from your referrals for three years as they use our domains and services

Commission rates are calculated based on monthly account turnover, giving you a clear picture of your income at all times

Our affiliate program let you thrive in the domain  name market with the endless potential of growth and demand

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